How to Revitalize with Deep Breaths + Hemp! - Vital Hemp, Inc.

How to Revitalize with Deep Breaths + Hemp!

Ron Alcalay | 08 July, 2020

            How to Revitalize with Deep Breaths + Hemp! - Vital Hemp, Inc.

Vital Ones,

What times!!! 

I need to take a deep breath in and out just to continue…. I took many of these deep breaths a couple of weeks ago, when I headed North in the Vital Van with my nine-year-old daughter, on a summer camping trip up the California coast to Big Sur.

The excursion into nature revitalized us, as I knew it would. The walking in wilderness with only the sounds of sea, air and birds; the camping in a tent (and one night without it) under the expanse of stars, making up our own constellations; the chance to dunk my head under a waterfall; watch my daughter float downstream in a donut; or swim upstream in a river pool, one for a divine moment with the inexorable current.

And still, the complex world returns. Civilization and its warm comforts fill us with joy and a sense of compromise—like too many roasted marshmallows in my daughter’s tummy, or the constriction in my lungs after the campfire and the campfires of so many around us, all wanting this better, simpler life (at least for now), and all contributing to the fouling of the night air by that little stretch of river. Will someone please invent a campfire that doesn’t contribute to global warming?

Well, at least we have hemp! And clothing that doesn’t require pesticides or tons of water to make. After closing the store and moving (with great effort) to the new place, I felt a great weight lifted, and realized that the store, like a vessel that I had decorated and loved, also included a heavy anchor, in the form of overhead. In letting go of that anchor, I felt free to sail, free to create and explore uncharted territory. I feel I now have a chance to re-create Vital Hemp.

And I want to do it, because the company still has a long way before it fulfills my vision for it: the vision of a healthier, hempier world. This journey is taking us deeper into the world of e-commerce, migrating our old site from a complex platform that requires regular developer work to a simpler one that I hope we can manage ourselves, keeping it updated so we can better serve you. We also hope to continue producing and refining your favorite styles, even as we add new ones to the mix.

LogwearOn the private label and custom logowear front, we are more prepared to collaborate with other aligned brands and organizations that want to bring more hemp into the world, thereby opting for the healthiest solutions, and cooling the globe. For eighteen years, we’ve hempjucated; now the world is turning toward us, ready for the gifts.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already discovered what I discovered so many years ago, and decided to share with the world: the incredible feeling of hemp clothing, a feeling of communion with the world around me, a kind of magic cloak that lets my skin breath while insulating me from heat or cold. As someone who has experienced this, and wants more of it for yourself and others, I appeal to you now.

We are collecting orders for our next round of masks, and have a line sheet as well as bulk order pricing to share with you. Just ask us for it, here or through the website:,

As ever, thanks for being vital.

May the sweet tides of life sooth your spirit, even in these turbulent times.


Ron Alcalay
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