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About Us

Making Sustainable Clothing for Everyday Living

Stronger and more durable than cotton. Sustainable. Breathable. Antibacterial. Our mission is to introduce people to the superior qualities of hemp by producing the most comfortable, healthy, and truly eco-friendly clothing on the planet.

As vital members of the sustainable business community, we were part of the groundswell that changed antiquated laws, re-legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp in the U.S.A. so that we can all benefit from the myriad uses of this amazing plant—for clothing, food, paper, fuel, and so much more.

We introduce people to the superior qualities of hemp by producing the most comfortable, healthy and sustainable hemp clothes possible. Hemp has come a long way and so has Vital Hemp. From our first weekend stand on the Venice boardwalk in 2003, to our journeys up and down the West Coast, to Greenfests in Denver and DC, and back to Sedona, Joshua Tree and our old shop on Main Street in Santa Monica, all we can say is "Wow!" And "Thank you!!!"

Our journey continues to spiral through the communities we clothe and love: the green business community, the yoga community, raw-foodists and heath-nuts of every kind, a bunch of surfers from around the world, music makers of every genre, mad and sane artists, everyday burners, suit and tie vital ones (who still love their hemp tees), happy hempers and even a few hemp-loving celebrities.

All of us share a common vision of a world where we choose the best solutions for everyone, all living things, including our living planet, Earth.

We're part of a growing understanding of the value of hemp as a sustainable source of so many commonly-used items and materials--not just clothing and paper and food, but building materials and bioplastics...uses we never imagined (but that people like Henry Ford imagined years ago).

For now, we're happy you're here. Thank you for visiting the site. Look around. There's good info to be found. And maybe a hemp t-shirt or hoodie or beanie for you or a loved one. And if you have a store or know a store, we're happy to partner with you to bring the best hemp clothing to your neck of the woods. We also supply hemp garments and/or screen-printed or embroidered logo-wear to companies and organizations seeking the most eco-friendly alternative for their promotional gear and logo-emblazoned tees, aprons, bags, shirts ,etc.... Finally, thanks to each and every one for being vital--alive and a part of our evolving, improving world.