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Protecting the Environment

Because choosing hemp is the most ecological choice. It is the choice that says, “I'm not going to buy into the propaganda anymore. I'm going to buy what's best for me and for the Earth, and thereby be part of the movement that is working to support the (too-long-demonized) industrial hemp industry in the USA. Corporate greed criminalized and marginalized hemp. The peoples’ power and wisdom will bring hemp (and domestically-made hemp products) back to our land.

Vital Hemp sources our hemp yarn from the Shandong province of China, where hemp has been grown for more than 6000 years, without pesticides, and with no additional irrigation. The Chinese were never short-sighted enough to ban such a useful plant. While the US now grows tons of hemp, since we re-legalized the cultivation of the hemp crop through the Industrial Hemp Farming Acts of 2015 and 2017, we use it mostly for CBD products, and have not developed a hemp textile industry. China produces more than 95% of all hemp textiles in the world, mostly in smaller farms and factories; currently, we buy fine hemp wovens from our vetted Chinese suppliers. We use imported hemp yarn to make our knits, here in Los Angeles, California.

We design, cut and sew all of  our hemp clothing and accessories here in California, and work increasingly closely with our hemp suppliers and contractors to insure that the process of producing our clothing is good for the earth, from the planting through the dying and packaging. We even use hemp cardstock for our hangtags!