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100% Hemp Men's Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt

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  • The 100% Hemp Linen Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt.

    This classic, hemp long-sleeve button-down shirt is made with a strong, lightweight 100% hemp linen, that lets your skin breathe, and resists wrinkles, due to the loose weave.

    Double pockets add style to this hemp work shirt, that can be worn over a hemp tee, or on its own, buttoned-up, with sleeves extended or rolled. Pair with our Anywhere Pants to feel like a millionaire beach bum.

        • Double Pockets
        • Coconut Buttons
        • Machine Wash, Tumble Dry
        • Open weave resists wrinkles
        • 100% Hemp, plain weave
        • American-made thread

    We design everything in Santa Monica, California, and make all our hemp clothing ethically, with family-owned contractors in Los Angeles, USA.
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    • Hemp is the most durable natural fiber. These hemp clothes will last you a long time if you take care of them. As many in the hemp industry say about hemp: “You don’t wear it out; you wear it in.” Our garments are garment-dyed, they have already been shrunk to the max. They will not shrink anymore; though the fabric may relax a bit over time.
    • Ironing: Our knits don’t generally need to be ironed. If you want to iron our 100% hemp wovens to make them look brand new again, use a hot iron on the linen setting and use steam. Learn more about Garment Care.
    • Hempjucation: The first jeans were made from hemp, but they lasted too long; so the business switched to cotton. Cotton uses 25% of all pesticides, polluting ecosystems. Hemp doesn’t need pesticides. The original linen was made from hemp. Hemp wicks better than all other plant fibers, letting your skin breathe. Hemp is anti-microbial, so clothes stay fresher longer.