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vital hemp video contest


  1. First Prize: $500 of Vital Hemp Clothing
  2. Second Prize: $200 of Vital Hemp Clothing
  3. Third Prize: $100 of Vital Hemp Clothing


Simple Entry Process:

  1. 1) Download PDF Entry Form.
  2. 2) Make your movie about vital hemp clothing.
  3. 3) Send the movie file and the entry forms, and other documents to vital hemp.


Submission Deadline:

  • October 15, 2013


Official Rules:

  1. 1) Read the information below
  2. 2) Make a film or video of your own, using one (or more) pieces of vital hemp clothing as a relevant part of the story.  Up to three minutes duration.  May be live action or animated, as long as clothing is recognizable.
  3. 3) Have consent of ALL individuals who were involved with the conception, production, and submission of the video, as well as any models or actors who were recorded in any way on the submitted video.
  4. 4) Include completed Model Release Forms for each individual visually or voice recorded in the submitted video (You do not need Model Release Forms for those who participated in the production but were not recorded.)
  5. 5) Before the submission deadline, send one complete Video Contest Entry Form per video, all Model Release forms, and video on USB flash drive or include link to uploaded video file stored on public file storage service like Dropbox (

Download PDF Entry Form Here


Submission Addresses:

  • Submit by Mail - 
    Vital Hemp Video Contest
    2305 Main St.
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
  • Submit by Email -


Small Print:

For all Contest Entries: By submitting a video as part of Contest Entry, you warrant and represent that : (a) it is your original work and have been legally created; (b) it has not been previously published or distributed in any media; (c) it has not been entered into or won previous contests or awards; (d) it does not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other legal or moral rights of any person or entity; (e) that you have obtained permission from every person whose name or likeness is used in the Contest Entry (the “Participant”). If any Participant is a minor, written permission must be granted by Participant’s parent/legal guardian. We reserve the right to remove, reject, or disqualify a Contest Entry or portion thereof at any time in the event it is determined by Vital Hemp or the judges that any aspect of the Contest Entry is offensive, inappropriate, not in keeping with the Vital Hemp image or if it is determined that the Entrant has not otherwise complied with any portion of these Official Rules. By signing this form, I hereby give Vital Hemp permission to use audio and/or video, use all participants, and to utilize video clips that display property for promotional purposes. I understand that examples of my work and/or these videos may be distributed by, but not limited to, print, internet, digital media, broadcast and/or cable tv. I have read and agree to the above information for all Contest Entries and have read and agree to the contest Rules & Regulations.