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vital hemp september 2013 newsletter

september 2013 newsletter

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vital ones,

What a month! September festivities began with our jubilant return to Bhaktifest, where we stretched and bathed and danced to the music of many hearts. By the end of the weekend, I found myself walking along the path in bliss, high on healthy food, a steady intake of Tulsi ice tea (compliments of our neighbors at Organic India), and the vibes and smiles of everyone present.

Of course, we hemped out a lot of yogis, kirtan artists, vendors and other revelers “in the bhav,” as they say, and now I know what it means!  A highlight: a slide and video presentation by author Philip Goldberg about the Beatles’ visits to India, and how Indian music and culture infused their lives and music (and so ours too)— punctuated by Joey Lugassi and his most excellent All-Star band performing spot-on, heartfelt renditions of the songs composed during this profound and prolific period of the Beatles’ career.  A rendition of Dear Prudence brought to me the most beautiful tears.  And the next day, at lunch, I met a man who had the same reaction to the same song!  Something in those tunes moves us, and now we know better why…

In a creative flow on the last day, we assembled a crew, led by photographer Kristina Clemens and four lovely friends, who modeled our clothing in the main stage area.  We danced and jumped and came together in hugs (above). 

Later in the month, we entered Libra, and though I understand the magical influence of the stars even less than I understand the Hindu deities, something did shift towards more balance during that time.  I found myself letting go more, trusting more, feeling more grateful for what we already have….  Production delays resolved themselves; holy garments became kids’ clothing, just in time for pre-school.  And several friends of my vintage looked forward to their mid-century mark, a nice balance point between youth and wisdom.

--Seems our California Government got wise too, passing the California Industrial Hemp Farming Act (SB566).  The bill will allow California farmers to grow industrial hemp upon federal approval, a significant step forward for our state’s environment and economy.  Thanks for the signature, Jerry Brown, and to our intrepid allies at, who organized our small (but potent) lobbying efforts.For more on the story, read this:

With rolls and rolls of new hemp fabric at our cutting house in Los Angeles, we look forward to producing more of the styles you love, and introducing some new styles for the Fall and Spring, so forward this, friend us, share please & let us know what hemp styles you want most, because we’re doing this to serve you.  You can always visit us online, and if near Main St. in Santa Monica, come by the store!  We have free hemp treats to share.

On October 10th, at 7:30 pm, we’ll be sharing a great documentary about growing industrial hemp in the USA—how the crop can improve our lives.  It’s called Bringing it Home.  There will be live music, complimentary Humbolt Hemp Ale by Nector Ales and hemp treats from Nutiva and Ziggy Marley’s Organics.  A great party for all, so come by the store @ 2305 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Thank you for being vital,

~satisfy your hemptations~
vital hemp
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