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vital hemp november 2013 newsletter

november 2013 newsletter

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vital ones,

We’re back at the start of it all for vital hemp: the 2013 San Francisco Green Festival, where ten years ago, a lecturer in film history discovered the green business community, and life changed direction forever.

I felt the rush of participating in an emerging green economy that more than fulfilled so many of my needs (and desires for wonderful products), and did so in a way that promoted a healthier relation to life on the planet.

If you live near San Francisco, or want to turn your friends here onto the fest, you can all get in FOR FREE (no $15 admission), if you mention that you’re a guest of vital hemp.  This is the best place to find holiday gifts your loved ones will love, such as hemp hoodies or 100% hemp anywhere pants, made in the USA, or a favorite fair-trade chocolate, organic wine, or cream or candle company that you never knew existed.

So see you at Greenfest!  It’s the best collection of speakers, yoga, healthy organic food, and life-affirming people you’ll find. 

Remember to mention you’re a guest of vital hemp for free entry.

And if you live afar, you can always find us online, for a little more green spirit in your lives.

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Thank you for being vital,

~satisfy your hemptations~
vital hemp
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