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A couple of Indians, one living in Kerala, the other from there, meet by chance in the store, in hemp.


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Vital Ones, 

This morning, I paused to speak with a couple of kindergarten-bound parents about the abominable state of school lunches, and how Jamie Oliver set out to start a food revolution in America. In the face of a ridiculously entrenched system, with layers of suppliers, administrators and cooks who had difficulty seeing (or tasting) beyond a fried chicken tot, his work was cut out for him.

With the help of a few hard-earned allies, Jamie succeeded where none imagined he could, converting even the most bull-headed fast “food” addicts. And even though McDonalds was the key sponsor of this years’ annual nutritionist conference, the evolution of diet in this country continues, as does our evolving diet of energy, housing, clothing, and cultural practices that connect us to our better selves, the earth and each other.

We’re all more vital when we come together, so it’s with pleasure that I announce upcoming events, knowing you’ll dig ‘em: 

This weekend, June 21 and 22, Santa Monica merchants are partnering with Heal the Bay and Buy Local to produce our 14th annual Main Street Summer SOULstice Festival, featuring five stages, with tribute bands reviving the sounds of Dylan, Steely Dan, Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Tom Petty and the Rolling Stones, among others. We’ll be selling samples at up to 50% off, so come on by the store to celebrate this worthy annual event.

June 28 and 29th, we’ll be vending at the Doheny Surf Festival in Dana Point, CA. There will be longboarding and tandem contests, and a “Concours d’Elegance”… I can’t even imagine the boards we’ll see. Plus awesome bands, arts & crafts, collectibles, and more. 

That’s all for June! We hope to see you in the store, or visit us online as we introduce new styles, all summer long.

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Ron and the vital hemp crew

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