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vital hemp january 2014 newsletter

january 2014 newsletter

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Sunset from the vital hemp store


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Vital Ones,

January 2014 is proving to be as sweet as honey, or Sweet Potato Pie, the name of a store in Eugene, Oregon that recently started selling vital hemp!

I turned fifty last December, celebrating the beginning of the next fifty. For my birthday, my brother Orion offered to take me skiing in Lake Tahoe.  As the drought (read “climate change”) dried up all the rain in California, we headed to Vail, where snow and sun still ruled. I was warm and cozy in base layers of hemp, with a hemp scarf ‘round my neck, and hemp seeds in my daypack for snacking.
In Denver, I stayed in our friend’s magical, modern, sustainable home, an example of how one can create a dream house and still contribute 20% excess energy to the grid.  Coloradans get the idea of responsibility, and trust themselves enough to have legalized the use of marijuana this year, a watershed moment for the nation.  Thankfully, Coloradans also get hemp, so we look forward to hemping you out in stores all over Colorado very soon! 

I returned to the vital life in Venice, California, a few miles from where I grew up, grateful to be home and back in the shop.  Just when it looks like it’s going to be a slow day, in comes a couple from Japan, trying on the goodness and connecting with another visitor from Maui, Kayden, who makes the most lovely blue bottles for carrying our precious water.  You can see them here: An amazing sunset graced our day, so we stepped outside to take it in and share it with you.

Upcoming this week: dance, learn, network, play and find us at the RawLiving EXPO, January 31st to February 2nd, at the Hyatt in Westlake Plaza

February find us in the Permaculture Lounge at the 12th Annual Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton.

Far and dear ones, please find our clothes online. For those who’ve been waiting, we made more men’s long sleeve tees, 100% hemp men’s anywhere pants and finally, 100% hemp women’s anywhere pants (with a women’s cut, so you don’t have to keep buying the men’s smalls).   

I wish you all the best year. May you find goodness wherever you are, smile, laugh, give and receive. The world is cold and snowy sometimes, but even in the midst of it all, there’s warmth and love in abundance.

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Thanks for being vital,
Ron Alcalay

~satisfy your hemptations~
vital hemp
store and wholesale: 310.450.2260




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