Vital Hemp Garment Care - Vital Hemp, Inc.

Vital Hemp Garment Care

Hemp is the most durable natural fiber. These hemp clothes will last you a long time if you take care of them. As many in the hemp industry say about hemp: “You don’t wear it out; you wear it in.” Our garments are garment-dyed, they have already been shrunk to the max. The will not shrink any more; though the fabric may relax a bit over time.

Suggestions for care:
  • In general, you don’t need to baby hemp.  
  • Machine wash cold or warm. 
  • Tumble dry warm, or line dry (best not to dry in high heat).  
  • Avoid bleach, velcro and any hardware that can snag.
  • Avoid uneven exposure to the sun as the sunlight may fade the color.

Our knits don’t generally need to be ironed.  If you want to iron our 100% hemp wovens to make them look brand new again, use a hot iron on the linen setting and use steam.  

  • The first jeans were made from hemp; but they lasted too long; so the business switched to cotton.
  • Cotton uses 25% of all pesticides, polluting ecosystems. Hemp doesn’t need pesticides.
  • The original linen was made from hemp.
  • Hemp wicks better than all other plant fibers, letting your skin breath.
  • Hemp is anti-microbial, so clothes stay fresher longer.