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october 2012 newsletter

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vital ones,

October used to be my favorite month, simply because of Halloween. I loved how everything in the carnivalesque atmosphere of San Francisco’s Castro district, or Hollywood,or whatever party I attended, felt topsy-turvy, liberated from the constraints of everyday life. I think people who attend Burning Man or other festivals know the feeling. People smile and look you in the eye, whether you’re a king or a vassal.

Lately, October’s been a favorite because I get to celebrate my love’s birthday with dear friends. This year, Nancy, Eden and I went to Hawaii to celebrate. We stayed with the lovely denizens of Noniland, David Wolfe’s organic farm on the North Shore of Kauaii, waking every morning with fresh noni, lime and honey smoothies, and the sweetest smiles from our hosts.

We loved wearing our hemp gear in Hawaii, feeling comfortable in hemp tanks at the beaches during the day, cool in hemp v-necks when the afternoon breezes blew, and cozy in the evenings, when Eden would entertain us with her gentle xylophone playing.

Back in Santa Monica, we continue celebrating our community. This Thursday, Women of the Green Generation, a local group that is committed to the most sustainable practices in a wide range of fields, will be holding an event in the vital hemp store. If you’re in the area, we welcome you to attend. Here’s the link:

Soon we’ll be celebrating the one-year anniversary of ourstore. We’re working on all the styles you love—hemp drawstring pants, hoodies, and anywhere pants—as well as a few new ones—hemp henleys, dresses and boxer briefs. As ever, we’ll let you know when they’re here and/or ready to order. In the meantime, feel free to visit our site for what’s on hand.

Thank you all for your support this last year. We’re so happy to hear your stories of vital hemp pieces loved and worn well. Feel free to share your stories, reviews and pics,as we’re now gathering them to share with others on the site.
With new found commitment to all that is beautiful, true and good, including you.

Be vital,
Ron Alcalay

~satisfy your hemptations~
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