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Vital Fans

Our customers love our hemp clothing. From our v-neck shirt to our hemp hoodies, we are an environmentally friendly company. Eco friendly clothing is what we do. Here are a few of our customers that showed us some love recently. Whether buying from our store in Santa Monica, California, or our online store here, you can find the right men's long sleeve t shirt or women's tank top. All of our hemp clothes are by us for all of us. Made in the USA, certified sweatshop free clothing.

3 Feb 2016: "Greetings - I just received my long sleeve tee in the mail. It looks and feels like the best shirt I have ever purchased. Thank you."
~~Tom Lin, Massachusetts

Mcfadden Shirt

"I love getting hemp clothes. I know they're really going to last and stay comfortable. I got something from Vital Hemp 8 years ago and it's still like new."
~~ Matt McFadden

"I got my coats and yes they were well worth the wait. They feel great and even with the sleeves down or up, I still feel I have free range of movement with my arms opposed to "regular chef coat" (which are always heavy and restrict movement). And I will definitely will be ordering some some more soon - a green one would be awesome. I attached a couple pictures, and I have a channel on YouTube called greentoto7. It's not a long video, just me all hemped out throwing a pie . Thanks once again!"
~~Michael Davis, Winder, Georgia

Becca Song

"Your t-shirts are the best in the world. I bought one for my boyfriend last year and I want to get him another one, plus a long sleeve, because he loves it so much. I'm so glad your company exists, because I believe that hemp should be the standard in clothing. So thank you. :) "
~~ Becca Song, Ojai, CA

Donna Mandy

"I've been loving wearing my hemp pants I bought from you guys a couple of weeks ago. I'll drop by when I get back to the states to get some more : )."
~~ Stuart Watkins & Perch Austrailia


"Your stuff was soft, free and flowing fabrics! And there were great choices in styled clothing! We didn't have a chance to try anything on for fit and comfort. But everything looked and felt great."
~~ Alvin Ellie & Rebellious Clothing Co.& Beverly Hills, CA


"I met Ron about 5 years ago at the Raw Food Festival in the mountains near Santa Barbara and purchased a few items like shirt, pants and T-Shirt. Since then I am following your life a little bit - thanks for sharing with your Newsletter. My favorite thing to wear is my purple Long Sleeve Hemp Shirt"

Claire Shining

"I love that you remember me. I know I have a good feeling from when I bought a natural hoodie and had a brief talk with you. I loved that Earth Day. It was so vibrant! And, vital!! My hemp hoodie has since been retired due to gardening & sloppy happy-eating stains, so I look forward to visiting your store ASAP!!"
--Claire Kellerman, Singer, songwriter & HOKU NUI MAUI, LLC. Permaculture Designer, Maui Hawaii.

"It's Sam here from the UK - I bought a couple of tops for myself and my lady a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to say I lived in my t shirt and top for a long weekend away - slept in them too for about 3 days, no smell and the garments retain their shape very well. Reckon the heavier fibre and more hemp in the mix is a great way to go. Got to get folks buying this low impact fabulous product!"
--Sam, UK


"People keep giving my compliments on my t-shirt, especially women, so I wear it as often as I can!"
--Bret Johnson

"I am so pleased that I discovered your hemp clothes. They are so soft and comfortable, and adapt to the temperature such that I am not hot in the sun or cold in the shade. I can do yoga in the long pants and shirt and go directly to a restaurant and a movie without changing. I bought more of everything on the internet after coming back from Santa Monica."
--Rob Gordon

"I wear my Vital Hemp garments as often as possible. They look and feel wonderful, and are versatile enough for work or play. I am comfortable knowing these clothes are sustainably sourced from 100% North American hemp, which stays soft, breathes, wicks sweat and doesn't get all smelly when I do. Wearing this combination of mindful design and material, I feel both classy and comfortable — and people notice. I am always happy to spread the good word and point them towards Vital Hemp. Thanks Ron!"

Blake Testimonial

I think I’m up to like forty shirts. It’s crazy! I like that it’s made with hemp in the USA, something I want to support. Good vibes. Way better material than cotton. Feels good and knowing that it’s earth-friendly makes it feel even better. Current faves include: v-necks and hoodies. I wear the pants all the time…I’d get more. I’m just waiting on more. I like that they’re nice and plain and don’t have a bunch of logos. My girlfriend says they’re soft and sexy.


It feels like I'm wearing nothing, but I'm wearing something! It's like wearing an extension of ourselves…and they've gotten more comfortable over the years.
--Jeffrey Botticelli, founder and owner, Fortina Chocolate

Barre Testimonial

Hoodie Tesimonial

Judy testimonial

I live in Miami Beach but visit Santa Monica quite often to see my daughter. I never miss visiting your store to buy any new colors you might have; this week I bought 2 new tee shirts. I love your clothes; I have every color shirt. I have bought shirts for my husband, my daughter, my son and my best friend. Living in Miami Beach with 90+ temp. and almost as high humidity, I have found your shirts are my main wardrobe. They are cool, soft, and I can wear them anywhere. They do wick away moisture and never feel damp.


I love your clothing!!! It's just a silly shot of me wearing one of the many things that I bought when I was visiting a friend in Santa Monica California. Your clothing is absolutely amazing!!! :-) In this picture I was at a fundraiser with the bar that I work at on the weekends. The fundraiser was to support the annual Memorial Day parade because the town is threatening to cancel it next year due to lack of funds. I am living on Long Island, New York. This tee has got to be my absolute favorite. It is so comfortable. I also have the same one in hunter green as well as 2 tanks. They are all super easy to wash. No matter how many times I have washed them, they never seem to show any wear. I wish you guys had a store out here!

Mlst Testimonial

Mlst Testimonial


Ron had me try on a shirt and I loved it -- the softness hooked me. He presaged that I would be back for one of every color, and he was right!



Thought I'd share this pic with you. Love my Vital Hemp! xo

Donna Venice

"I bought this hoodie yesterday, and liked it so much I came back for more colors."
--Donna (Venice, CA)

"Hey Ron! Wanted to let you know my Vital Hemp shirt is by far my favorite travel T. Since I saw you last it's been through Brazil, Argentina, Antarctica & Chile and holding up like a champ! Thanks for making such an awesome product!!! "
--Joe Weinstein


"These shirts are so soft and smooth that I never want to take them off! With such an incredible cut that feels form-fitted but at the same time with just enough space so it feels relaxed I think I have found my favorite clothing brand! And I really like the colors, very subtle earth tones that go well with just about anything. I bought my sister and her fiance each a shirt for Christmas and they could tell immediately how high the material and design quality was. I'm going to wear these hemp pants all around all the time - to dinner parties, sitting at the beach, falling asleep, etc. They go with anything, and although they only come in one size I was able to tailor them to the perfect fit for me in the tailor shop located in the back of the store. Definitely going to shop here again!"
~~ Paul Burt, Santa Monica