Vision - Vital Hemp, Inc.


The Vision of Vital Hemp

Vital Hemp envisions a world where people wear comfortable, affordable, high-quality hemp clothing, loving it because it looks and feels so good, and is good for people and the planet too.

By re-introducing the public to the superior qualities of hemp clothing, people will begin to understand the value of the hemp plant as a sustainable source for other commonly used products. Wearing vital hemp and using other hemp products fosters positive attitudes that will result in the re-legalization of the cultivation of industrial hemp in the USA.

We envision a world where people thrive from the energy that they receive from the hemp seed powder they put in their organic morning smoothies; where computer printers, newspapers and magazines everywhere use the tree-free hemp paper; where hemp plastics are the norm, replacing petroleum-based products; where builders use hemp wood instead of wood from trees—not just because it's better for the environment, but because it's stronger and more durable than what we used to use; where cars and other machines run on hemp veggie oil, getting twenty times the power (and much better mileage) than anything that ever ran on corn or sugarcane-base ethanol—and keeping the air clean in the process.

We envision a world where people wear soft hemp clothes for years, wearing them in until they're softer than any cotton that wears out in months. Where babies wear hemp diapers because they're anti-bacterial and anti-fungal; where kids play in hemp jeans, and where we all sleep in the most comfy hemp sheets, dreaming of the clean oceans we'll swim in the next day, surfing in the clean air, with real blue skies, sailing with the happy dolphins and whales and feeling healthy and at peace because the world is healthy and at peace. And yes, this is possible, and we can provide for all. And no, this was not written under the influence of hemp's cousin.