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july 2011 newsletter

vital ones,

As challenging as it was to transfer manufacturing from China to LA in one season, I'm so glad we did, because now we can monitor every aspect of production, ensuring the highest, consistent quality. We finished production of the LA-made line, shipped, and it's in stores now (hopefully one near you).

So far, the response has been tremendous! People love the colors and the feel of the summer-weight knits and linens that we debuted for the line. They also love that we employed small, family-owned businesses here in Los Angeles County to do everything from making the patterns to samples, grading, marking, cutting, sewing, finishing... and of course we enlisted fit models again and again, making sure everything fits just right.

We're now taking pre-orders for the Fall. If you, your local store or business wants vital hemp for the Fall/Winter season, please let us know. We'll send you a wholesale line sheet and order form. Remember, we also make the best logowear and farmer's market bags.

We're looking forward to some upcoming festivals, but staying closer to home these days. As you know, I'm a father now, and love my time with Eden, pictured above, wearing one of our baby beanies and covered by a custom blanket her Aunt Liz made from the scraps of production. Yes, we're making a few baby things now....

This Sunday, you can find us at the Los Feliz Street Fair:

--Looking forward to seeing you soon.

With love,

Ron Alcalay

~satisfy your hemptations~