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vital ones,
As many of you know, I've been running vital hemptations for seven years now, manufacturing and distributing hemp clothing.  Due to problems with quality control at the previous factory, I put production on hold for a year while searching for a more suitable partner. I’m pleased to announce that we're now working with the same factory that produces hemp goods for Patagonia and TOMS Shoes.  This factory strictly maintains best practices for quality control. In addition, our styles are fine-tuned, fabric is higher quality and smoother, and customers who’ve reviewed the new line are thrilled by the improvements.
To work with this new factory and grow vital hemptations into the future, we need to meet factory minimums. Now is a vital time for the company, and I humbly request that you consider other companies, stores, resorts, yoga studios or non-profits who might want to order hemp clothing, and send those suggestions our way or refer them. I'm sending out the call for support, trusting that enough people believe in the power of hemp to help me bring this fantastic and sustainable fabric into the mainstream, my mission since Earth Day 2003.
Some details:

  • vital hemptations is now finalizing orders for our new line, including t-shirts and other logowear for companies and non-profit organizations.
  • We are producing tees, hoodies, button-downs, pants and bags; all styles available with logos (great holiday gifts!).
  • Fabrics include super comfortable hemp/tencel (eco award-winning wood pulp fiber) knit, or 100% hemp linen for button downs and drawstring anywhere pants.
  • Hemp is more durable and better for the environment than conventional or organic cotton.
  • Hemp is anti-microbial and stays fresh, requiring less laundering, and saving water & energy.
  • Minimum order is only fifty pieces--any style/color/size.
  • The FINAL order deadline is July 7th.  Logo and printing can be specified later.  Delivery will be late October/early November.

**Additional discounts for bulk promo orders**
If you love hemp clothes and want us to continue producing them, please act now to get your clothes in time for the holiday season.  This is the only time to buy wholesale for 2010.  
For additional information, please check out our site, & contact me at for a line sheet and order form.  Of course, if you refer someone, you can expect $$$ or apparel as a reward.
Thank you for helping spread the love of hemp far and wide.  One day, with clothing, paper, building materials and plastics made form hemp, improving everything from our journals to the interior body panels of our cars, we'll change antiquated laws, allowing us (once again) to grow this most valuable plant, and reducing our reliance on trees and petroleum-based products.  'Till that day, I wish you…


All the best,

Ron Alcalay

~satisfy your hemptations~