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Community Driven

We share a vision of bringing hemp apparel to the masses, and thereby helping the movement to re-legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp! Our journey began at the first Green Festival in San Francisco. While we enjoyed selling hemp jeans that used no pesticides and little water, knowing customers would wear them comfortably for years, we really fell in love with the diverse community of sustainable business people, working for the health of our planet. We feel at home among organic superfood people, fair- trade chocolateers, reclaimed wood buffs and electric car inventors. If you're concerned about the environment and see hemp as part of the solution, we're part of the same community.

Now, eight years from when we began, we're not just peddling hemp on the Venice Boardwalk or at festivals; but we still hemp people out at our hemp store on Main Street in Santa Monica. Stores around the country carry the vital hemp line, and companies wanting hemp promowear call us for hemp blanks or other custom logo projects.

Three years ago, we moved production from China to Los Angeles. Now we collaborate closely with everyone, including our pattern maker, grader, cutter, sewers, dye house, and finishing family, supporting our local economy and working with the community of garment manufacturers here in our hometown.