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Vital Hemp Patchwork Scarf

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  • Keep cozy and look stylish in our hemp scarf.

    These hemp scarves are made from the larger scraps of fabric from the cutting room, that would otherwise be thrown away. Each artistic patchwork scarf is a unique one-off, a one-of-a-kind. Pattern may differ from image. Choose solid or your favorite colorway. These make outstanding gifts because they’re light enough to be used most of the year. Wrap this lightweight hemp fabric around you all day for comfort and sustainable style. 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton

    We design everything in Santa Monica, California, and make all our hemp clothing ethically, with family-owned contractors in Los Angeles, USA.
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    • Hemp is the most durable natural fiber. These hemp clothes will last you a long time if you take care of them. As many in the hemp industry say about hemp: “You don’t wear it out; you wear it in.” Our garments are garment-dyed, they have already been shrunk to the max. They will not shrink anymore; though the fabric may relax a bit over time.
    • Ironing: Our knits don’t generally need to be ironed. If you want to iron our 100% hemp wovens to make them look brand new again, use a hot iron on the linen setting and use steam.
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    • Hempjucation: The first jeans were made from hemp, but they lasted too long; so the business switched to cotton. Cotton uses 25% of all pesticides, polluting ecosystems. Hemp doesn’t need pesticides. The original linen was made from hemp. Hemp wicks better than all other plant fibers, letting your skin breathe. Hemp is anti-microbial, so clothes stay fresher longer.