Celebrating Our 18th B-Earthday! - Vital Hemp, Inc.

Celebrating Our 18th B-Earthday!

Ron Alcalay | 20 April, 2021

            Celebrating Our 18th B-Earthday! - Vital Hemp, Inc.

Vital Ones,

Earth Day is upon us! As is Vital Hemp’s eighteenth anniversary! I founded Vital Hemp at the first Earth Day Festival in Santa Monica, 2003, so this Earth Day we are finally an adult!

As has been the tradition since 2014, I am offering a discount to my customers to celebrate!

Each year, I offer an increasing percentage off everything. So this year, it’s 18% off everything at vitalhemp.com starting today (4/20) though to Sunday (4/25). Use the code: COOLTHEGLOBE.

Here are some of the ways hemp cools the globe and heals our dear (and only) living planet, Earth:

hemp farming

Hemp sequesters atmospheric carbon (2 tons per acre), bringing it into the ground, the dense biomass of crops, and all the products it produces. It’s the most carbon-negative industrial crop, more effective at sequestering carbon than most forests that take years to mature (hemp takes just over three months). For every ton of hemp we harvest, it sequesters 1.62 tons of CO2!

Hemp can grow almost anywhere; it regenerates the soil with nitrogen and prevents erosion. Without the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides, hemp grows deep, dense, and resists pests. It revitalizes depleted cropland, aerating and nourishing topsoil, and serving as the ultimate rotation crop. Hemp can lead the way to more organic/regenerative farming practices that build soil health for more nutritious food, and a cooler globe.

Hemp products rock! Hemp clothing uses less than half the water that thirsty cotton consumes. Hemp clothing lets your skin breath, so your clothes stay fresher longer.  Fresh clothes require less washing, where most of the water consumption of garments takes place.  Hemp products also last longer, requiring less energy-intensive production. Want to cool the globe? Wear hemp!

Vital Hemp Clothing

Hemp bioplastics can replace most of the petroleum-based plastics in overuse today. Currently, BMW, Mercedes & Porsche are using hemp-based bioplasitics for the interior body panels of their high end cars. Why? Because it’s stronger, more durable, more heat and mold resistant, and doesn’t off-gass like the petroleum plastics; so it’s healthier for people. At the end of their useful life, hemp bioplastic products biodegrade. They don’t accumulate, pretending to be recycled while they choke our oceans and land.  

Hemp building materials for happy, healthy people.


Hempcrete homes do not release harmful gases the way homes using conventional concrete do.  Plus, hempcrete is fireproof. On Earth Day 2017, I watched our old compadre, Dion Markgraaff, take a blowtorch to his model hemp home, with nary a mark. From Malibu to Australia, let’s build hempcrete homes, keeping our dwellings safe from the ravages of the Super Fires to come. We’ll also save on cooling and insulation costs, as hempcrete is as much as 40% more efficient than traditional materials on those fronts.  

As a longtime hempjucator, I feel that I’ve been sharing these facts for a decade. Actually, it’s been eighteen years. When I see hemp milk next to almond milk on the market shelf, and know it requires only a fraction of the water, and delivers three times the protein (including Omega 3’s for our healthy brains and hearts), I feel proud, and happy to have been a part of this chapter of hemp’s long history in our land and in the world.

Ron Alcalay early days

Hemp found me, and it’s been the project of my adult life to help it find you. My theory: it’s pretty hard to demonize the plant that made your favorite t-shirt or hoodie or pants. Turns out the “demon” has been our buddy all along, ready to be grown again. And now, as our strongest plant ally, hemp is ready to serve, cooling the globe for all our relations to live in health and peace. 

With love and gratitude for you and this dear Earth we share...

Thanks for being vital,


Ron Alcalay
~Let Us Hemp You Out!~