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vital hemp october 2013 newsletter

october 2013 newsletter

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vital ones,

This weekend, we return to the Los Angeles Green Festival. The SF Green Festival is where it all began for me and countless other conscious capitalists, who discovered a community more interested in the health of people and the planet than any short-sighted bottom line. Paraphrasing a noted scientist in the solution-oriented documentary, The 11th Hour,

“We’ve been treating the ecological system as a subset of other systems, such as the economic system.  We now realize, and will realize more and more, that all systems (including the economy and life itself) are subsets (or sub-systems) of the ecological system.” 

I find it sad that we appear to need catastrophes—hurricanes that traumatize entire communities (costing billions) and forever change the landscapes we cherish, or superfires that burn so hot that forests cannot revive, or tsunamis that unleash untold devastation—to recognize the folly of our current course. The Green Festivals gather those who are changing the course of history for the better. So if you’re interested in co-creating a better future now, come to the Green Festival—if not here in LA, then in SF next month or a city near you.

We are growing the seedlings of a greener future. Please join us!

This month we also celebrate the first harvest of a domestically-grown industrial hemp crop (in Colorado) in more than fifty years!  Remember: this is a plant native to this land, that was grown here for centuries and used by people for everything from rope to clothing to lamp oil.  We cheer the people of Colorado for supporting the cultivation of this vital crop, and look forward to a time when our federal government will also listen to reason (and the beliefs of the majority of our citizens), once again allowing farmers to grow hemp here, so that businesses such as Nutiva, Dr. Bronner’s, vital hemp and a million others can produce our goods here, from a sustainable crop that’s grown here on our own soil.

A Washington Post article touts the advance:

On a smaller, local scale: If you’re near Calabasas, CA on November 2nd, come to the Lavender Faire, celebrating the Fall Harvest at the MUSE school.

Finally, Happy Halloween (in advance).  May you be cozy in a hemp t-shirt under your most ghoulish attire!  And did you know hemp wards off evil spirits?  Just kidding… but it is anti-microbial!

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Thank you for being vital,

~satisfy your hemptations~
vital hemp
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