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vital ones,

At the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim a few weeks ago, I reunited with Michael Franti, who recognized me with a look that said, "I know you, but from where?" I said, "We met about seven years ago, at the Harmony Festival in Sonoma.  My friend Laura Fox was in my booth in the ecovillage looking at a purple hemp hoodie, on her way to visit you backstage. I said I wanted to go backstage to meet you too."  She said, ‘Give me the hoodie and I’ll take you.’ So I did, along with a long sleeve tee for you.

"We found you doing yoga before taking the stage. Laura said, ‘Don’t bother him,’ but I just went over to the grass next to you and got in a downward dog beside your dog.  You looked over and smiled, said, ‘Hey~’  I said, ‘Hey~’ and plopped my little bundle of hemp love next to your big hand.  ‘This is for you. Thank you for your music. Have a great show.’ With that, I got up and went back to my booth."

 “I still wear that shirt!” you said amid the Expo whirl. I felt grateful, but not that surprised….  I hear that a lot. Perhaps you have a story of durable hemp that you’d like to share.  Here’s another:

 A bald man wearing an older apricot hoodie approached me in the booth at Bhaktifest last year, saying, “It’s you!”  I said, “Yes.”  He said, “You don’t understand. Nine years ago, I bought this hemp hoodie from you on the Venice Boardwalk. A couple of years later, I gave away all my possessions and travelled the world. That hoodie was one of the only things that I kept. It was with me at the tops of mountains, in the most profound and spiritual moments of my life.” Tears welled up in my eyes. I smiled. “How about a new hoodie?” 

And this week, we just sent off hundreds of custom, forest green t-shirts for the Humbolt Brewing Company, who makes the most delicious hemp ale. We’d love to make your next round of logowear!

Now to the future: we’re looking forward to the 15th Annual Topanga Earth Day Festival (4/19-4/20), so check the site and note the new location! We’ll see you at the booth.

New rolls of fabric also arrive this month, so look for new styles on the hempy horizon and let us know of any wholesale needs so that we can hemp you out!  {{block id="social_links"}}

Thanks for being vital,
Ron and the vital hemp crew

~satisfy your hemptations~
vital hemp
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