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vital ones,

Above you'll see a recent photo of me and Jack Herer, the man who wrote the book that inspired my journey into the world of hemp.  As a young hemperdasher, it was a great pleasure to sit with the old hemperor last September and chat about all things hemp.  Some of you may know that Jack's been ill lately, so I hope you'll join me in sending him love and good healing vibes.

Now in November, we find the culmination of the festival season, with our annual trip to the San Francisco Green Festival, the place that started it all for vital hemptations.  As an academic, teaching film history, I had no idea I wanted to be a hemperdasher, until I joined the sustainable business community in SF back in 2002 and thought, "These are my people!"

At greenfest, we'll have a booth in the hemp pavilion, so come by and check out some of the new colors and ever-improving styles, including the hemp fashion show.

Before the event, I'll attend Green America's Green Business Conference, also in SF this week.  I just learned a week ago that vital hemptations was nominated for the 2009 Green Business Leader Award!  Attendees at the conference will vote on the winner.  I feel honored by the recognition, and intend to continue following the most ecologically and socially responsible paths as we grow the industrial hemp business together.

That said, I invite you to introduce vital hemptations to your community.  2010 will mark the year that we grow our wholesale business across the country, so wherever you are--whether LA, Santa Fe, Madison or Nueva York--take a look at the website and imagine these yummy-feeling colors in your local store or for your company's tees.  Feel free to contact us for more information and wholesale pricing.  We reward referrals, and first-time orders will receive a 5% discount through Jan 16th, 2010.

--Meantime, I wish you a happy eleventh month and hope to see you in SF or hear from you soon.

All the best,
Rony Alcalay


~satisfy your hemptations~