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vital ones,

Greetings from two places at once.  Yes, this weekend, vital hemptations brings our hemp clothing to two fantastic festivals at once.   They say that scaling up is...hard to do...

I arrived last night at Bhaktifest, a festival of kirtan, yoga and good vibes in Joshua Tree, set up the booth and awoke to see the view of the stage, where all day today, I enjoyed rousing music, culminating with a shakti-raising performance (I have no idea what I'm saying) by my favorite Hip Hop Hindu, MC Yogi, who spins yarns from mythology, getting everyone chanting, "Ganesh is Fresh!"  I was totally "in the bhav~"

Today and Sunday the festival continues...I'll return Sunday, and hope to see you if you can make it.

It's so beautiful there and the people, music, food and air so enlivening.  You'll find Issa in the booth tomorrow.  This morning, I flying to SF for the Power to the Peaceful concert in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, where Kacy and Scott will have raised the vital booth, all of us (50,000 expected) anticipating a great free concert by Michael Franti and Spearhead today (SAT), as well as special guests.

If in the Bay Area, come to the park and say "hello, hello!!...   konichiwa-wa!!"

Otherwise, find us later in the month at a favorite local event, the Abbott Kinney Festival.

I look forward to seeing you soon in the vital booth.  New styles debut this month and they look & fit great.

All the best,

Rony Alcalay


~satisfy your hemptations~