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protecting the environment

vital hemp grew from a love of the natural world, a world of clean air and oceans, green hillsides, streams with pollywogs and frogs, healthy wildlife populations, and eco-systems that worked together to create the living, breathing planet we call Earth. The world has faced many challenges since we grew up, in the sixties and seventies, and many things have improved. Unfortunately, the environment is not one of them. Rather than just going along, earning a living, seeing this world we love disintegrate because of a human tendency toward short-sightedness and greed, we decided to join the growing ranks of those who choose to do something positive to help the earth, to be spokespeople on behalf of the Earth, our home and mother, who has recently expressed her displeasure too: with hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.

We hope people will understand the connection between what we do (and consume) and the consequences or benefits these activities have for the environment. If we all buy cotton clothes, the pesticides used to grow the cotton (usually now in other countries) blows off, into the lungs of women or children, causing birth defects and illness. If we buy bamboo, the caustic chemicals used to turn the bamboo into soft fabric, gets dumped into streams, poisoning ecosystems and making those streams and rivers too polluted to swim. These are not trivial matters…but we can do something about it.

Our little part is producing hemp clothes. We chose hemp for a few reasons you probably know: it's stronger and more durable than cotton. It breathes better than any other natural fiber. It doesn't require pesticides and is actually good for the soil (unlike cotton, which depletes soil). Farmers love hemp because it makes such a good rotation crop. We chose hemp because it's good for so many things besides clothes, including food, paper, fuel, etc…, and because, like the Earth, hemp doesn't have enough allies.

Hemp used to grow everywhere in this country; it was widely-used. Ever since the corporate world colluded with our government to criminalize the cultivation of industrial hemp, we as a nation have been subject to a decades-long campaign of misinformation. Hemp is not marijuana; it won't get you high. But wearing hemp clothes will raise your spirits!

Why will wearing hemp raise your spirits?
Because choosing hemp is the most ecological choice. It is the choice that says, “I'm not going to buy into the propaganda anymore. I'm going to buy what's best for me and for the Earth, and thereby be part of the movement that is working to make industrial hemp legal once again to grow in the USA. Of all the western industrialized nations, the USA is the only one where hemp is illegal to grow. Corporate greed criminalized and marginalized hemp. Populist power and wisdom can bring hemp back to our land.

vital hemp sources our hemp fabric from the Shandong province of China, where the hemp has been grown for more than 6000 years. The Chinese were never short-sighted enough to ban such a useful plant. While Canada also grows tons of hemp, the Canadians use it mostly for food, and have not developed a hemp textile industry. China produces more than 95% of all hemp textiles in the world, mostly in smaller farms and factories; fortunately, we have found outstanding and consistent quality.

While we would rather grow, mill and spin our hemp fabric here in the USA, our government will not yet allow us to do so. Although we must for now source our hemp overseas, we produce our clothing here in the U.S.A. and work increasingly closely with our hemp suppliers to insure that the process of producing our clothing is good for the earth, from the planting through the dying and packaging.

Our commitment is to continually strive to lessen our environmental impact on the planet as we provide the most earth-friendly clothing possible, hempin' you as we hemp the planet.